What is the process?

  • We start with initial session which would take about 1.5 hour, to get to know each other and ask questions and make sure this is what you want and agree upon that.

  • The next appointment is an intake and will be another 1.5 hour and that would involve a two way conversation with me as your coach using different lenses to get the feel of your current way of being.

  • Following appointment will be another 1.5 hour which I will then offer you a custom design coaching program, with objectives tailored specifically for you.

  • During the Program:

Ongoing Design and Practice: We focus on implementing and fulfilling on your program as well as setting you up with tools, insights and practices that you can continue to integrate beyond the program.

Sessions: We work together via Skype or phone or in person every 2 to 3 weeks. During the sessions we go through what went on since the last session and measure your progress and shine light on the areas needing more attention, create practices to strengthen those muscles.

Between sessions: In between sessions, you will be working on practices designed specifically for you inspired from our last session together and your progress in the program. You will be also supported by e-mail or phone for clarity and helping you stay on track.

  • Completion: As the program comes to closure we track your progress. We will observe the shifts in you and your aha moments and muscles you have strengthened and how to use the strengths you gained in all areas of your life.

Closure: At the end of the Integral Coaching program you will be walking away with many tools and insights which engrave in you and you can use them in any areas of your life and any goal you might want to achieve