About me

To support communities at large, I have written and helped publish articles for newsletters, web sites and contributed to “Modern Day Miracles” a book by the famous author "Louise Hay". To be better at service, I continually seek new ideas and strive to learn and advance my thoughts, actions and incorporate in to my work the wisdom of many of my teachers.
As a Certified Master Integral Coach I have been working with clients of many different backgrounds since 2010. There is no experience more fulfilling, than watching my client's mind and spirit, stretching to a new dimension and capacity.

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"Every day of my life is learning and growing experience, especially those challenging days. No matter what comes in my path, I am always drawn to the teachings that underlay every experience. I've observed myself closely to find out what brings me alive and without a doubt, it is interacting with people who are curious about improving themselves. This reflects my own passion for personal growth."
Throughout my lifetime I have experienced discrimination against women, revolution, war, loss of loved ones, cultural shock, language barrier, leaving behind everything and everyone to start a new life at young age, illnesses and depression, going back to school and starting a new career, separation and divorce and more...
Dealing with my challenges became the beginning of a self-actualization process within me. I had to melt and crystallize again with every experience, to be able to live my life fully again. What better opportunity than that to actually rebuild myself and my beliefs to match my new way of being.
I have always had a strong craving to help humanity, in any way possible. This has always been the force within me. So throughout my life I have found ways to fulfill this craving through emotional, mental, spiritual or physical support of young orphan children, school age children, sick people, elderly, new immigrants, abused and battered women and communities in need of help.
During my 5 years stay in India I often visited local orphanages to spend my spare time with the orphans confined there. There was nothing more satisfying to me than seeing the shine in eyes of those children as a result of my time with them.
My current community involvements include:
  • Coaching leaders of NGOs that supports refugees around the world through the 57 Coaches Program.  
  • Providing workshops at women's shelter which provide a safe place for women of diverse ages, cultures, sexual orientations and abilities, and their dependents who are experiencing abuse at home and need to leave. This workshops is intended to help women gain emotional and mental stregnth and look forward to their future .
  • Taking part as a Peer Supporter, in the Peer Support Program which is a service delivered by the Western Ottawa Community Resource Center’s (WOCRC’s) Volunteer Program that offers women, especially survivors of violence, an opportunity to work individually and collectively to end violence against women. 
  • Coach at Discover Year coaching youth a structured one-year career and leadership development program that helps young adults build essential skills through experiential learning, mentorship and interactive education.